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Values and Commitments

Integrity – Bill regards integrity as the primary value underpinning his role as mediator. He makes every effort to act in accordance with this value. He does not regard mediation as the opportunity to “manipulate” an outcome, but rather as a forum for serious dialogue, exchange, decision-making and resolution.

Excellence Mediating is not easy, and not for the inexperienced. With over two decades of high-level mediation experience, Bill is committed to the highest standards of excellence.

Discretion and confidentiality Parties rightly expect and value absolute discretion and confidentiality, to which Bill is completely committed.

Collaboration – Successful mediation involves the parties and the mediator collaborating effectively. Mediation should never be about the mediator. It is the parties who matter, and their concerns and agendas will be central to the process. Equally, after over twenty years of mediating, Bill will have his own thoughts and ideas on how best the process can be delivered, and will welcome discussing these with the parties.

Flexibility – Bill has for years been emphasising that mediation is not a “one size fits all” process. He will welcome and expect discussion with clients about how to structure their mediation, what discussion forums are likely to be the most productive, and so on.

Commitment – Bill will be the last to leave the process. As clients will testify, he is passionately committed to finding a resolution, and wherever possible will stick with it until a deal is done, if necessary including through the implementation phase of a deal.

Genuine dialogue – Bill has seen countless times, in over two decades as a professional mediator, the value and impact of genuine dialogue. He works hard to enable that to take place during mediations. It is not always easy or comfortable, but it is important.

Hope – Bill has had the privilege of being involved in the resolution of numerous disputes and conflicts which previously looked insoluble, and so approaches each engagement with that perspective of hope and optimism in mind.


There is no “one size fits all” for mediation, and Bill works hard to reflect that in his mediation practice.   His approach will vary from dispute to dispute, and he will be pleased to discuss with you the best approach to a particular situation.


Bill discusses certain aspects of mediation practice in more depth in interviews available below.

Tips & Guidance

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