Dialogue and Reconciliation Processes


Political Dialogue

Bill is a United Nations mediation expert and has been deployed by them in the context of political dialogue processes

He is also a member of the Advisory Board of the UK Parliament’s All Party Group on Conflict Issues (group now disbanded).

Environmental Dialogue

Bill has extensive international experience in designing, establishing and delivering long-term, multi-stakeholder dialogue in complex and heavily contested environmental conflict.

Religious Dialogue

Bill acts as a special adviser to the Archbishop of Canterbury on issues of conflict, peace and dialogue.  In recognition of his work both in religious conflicts and beyond, he was awarded the Archbishop’s inaugural Hubert Walter Award for Reconciliation in 2016.   Examples of his work in this area include:

  • Bill facilitated complex negotiations to resolve of the Church of England’s disagreement on the consecration of women bishops.   This involved the design and implementation of meetings over a nearly two-year period (2012-14), leading to the mediation of the final outcome.
  • Bill has travelled extensively overseas to engage in dialogue regarding divisions within the Anglican Church on issues of sexuality, and facilitated dialogue at the highest level.
  • Bill has been and remains extensively engaged in designing and delivering dialogue within the Church of England on issues of human sexuality.
  • Bill has also mediated many disputes between, and involving, institutions and people adhering to a range of different religions, as well as facilitating dialogue in that context.