About Bill

“Bill speaks easily about his amazing experience and thus he manages to build trust with the participants in a way I have never seen before in another training course”

“A person that inspires, challenges, motivates through authenticity and depth”

“A warm way of presenting the course, excellent communicator; he shows a profound connection between personal beliefs and the way he verbalizes them. He is authentic, involved, and shows a deep understanding of mediation”

“Excellent ability to communicate and excellent clarity of presentation”

“His experience as a mediator is obvious and it reflects in the clarity of his presentation”

“World class”


“His presentation style is elegant, but also consistent. He proved to have a great capacity for work and long-term concentration”

“A very good trainer, from all the points of view”

“Clear presentation style, well structured, a lot of clarifying examples, easy to understand”

“Excellent opinion of him. He is an example to follow. I appreciated him as a mediator during the demonstration – he was very natural”

The qualities of the trainer Bill Marsh are undeniable. He is for certain a model to follow!”

“An excellent communicator! Open, professional, empathetic!”

“A professional. Empathetic. A leader”

“He chose very interesting subjects to discuss in only two days, but I especially loved how he debated them”

“Very clear and sensitive.   Extremely well presented”

“He has become one of my personal mediation models”

“Excellent communication and a great openness”

“He has the gift of making himself understood easily. A great capacity for conveying the message”

“Yes, the trainer is excellent, a good connoisseur of mediation”

“I liked his presentation style very much, the freedom and openness regarding any subject”

“I would mediate alongside him anytime. Excellent”

“A very good understanding of mediation. A very good communication ability. A very good clarity of presentation”

“Excellent in presenting and excellent comments. A real professional in mediation, a true practitioner”


About Bill’s Courses

“It is a course that I’ve been waiting for a long time and the participation certificate is the least important thing that I’ve gained from it”

“Very useful. An excellent level”

“Particularly useful, especially the mediation techniques – the way the mediator interacts with the parties”

“It was the most interesting mediation course I have taken part in. Thank you!”

“Thank you for sharing your mediator experience, your techniques, your natural and elegant style with us”

“With all the things one remembers or finds out, I think that I will try to find in myself the things that make Bill such a mediator”

“I am certain I will be a better mediator and trainer”

“A very well focused course, excellently presented”

“The course structure was the right one to allow creativity and interactivity”

“Very educational and I will use what I learnt in practice”

“Very, very good”

“Motivating and stimulating”

“The structure of the course was very good. Bill knew how to find balance at any time”

“Perfect balance between teaching and practice”

“The course was like the rain watering the seed and helping it grow”

“I think that this course could have lasted for at least seven more days. There wasn’t a day in which you feel the need to say STOP!”

“A training course that should be attended by each mediator, trainer and lawyer”

“Gives nobility to the profession.  I had the privilege to watch a Mediation Gentleman”

“A great opportunity to listen about the experiences of other countries in mediation, to share very useful information”

“Very useful – the networking, the content, the vision created, are just a few examples”

“The content of the workshop was at the highest level

“I appreciated every minute of it – it was a great opportunity to develop my vision”

“Entire workshop very valuable”

“An outstanding event!”