“It was the first multi-party mediation I had been involved in and it was a very complex one…In my mind the way you set the tone and conducted yourself in your interactions with the parties was a major factor in reaching a settlement on the day (night!) and for that we are very grateful”.

Client, multi-party pensions dispute

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Rightly regarded as being at the top of the tree”, Bill Marsh at Independent Mediators has been involved full-time in mediation since 1991. He is “patient and willing to work really hard to discover the strengths and weaknesses in each argument presented by parties”. He is also “appreciated for being able to persuade disputants to come up with constructive solutions”. In 2016, Marsh received the Archbishop of Canterbury’s inaugural Hubert Walter Award for outstanding services to reconciliation, which recognises his commitment to conflict resolution at both national and international levels.

2016 – Top ranked

Who's Who Legal

2016 – One of the world’s top mediators, and the UK’s top five.


Bill Marsh is a “highly experienced mediator who demonstrates patience and tact” when dealing with international governments, businesses, organisations and individuals. He is widely recognised for his “aptitude for combining sensitivity with the requisite degree of firmness”.

2016 Who’s Who Legal


Frankly, I being the lawyer for one of the parties had very limited hope [of success] for the entire mediation process. However, the moment Bill Marsh made his entry in the matter as a mediator the entire landscape of the matter changed.


…He had patience, tact, fairness, strength and efficiency…


I would highly recommend Bill Marsh to my future clients for the settlement of commercial disputes and working with Bill Marsh has changed my whole perception about the process of mediation and I would in future try my best to persuade my clients to choose mediation before initiating the legal proceeding for any commercial disputes.

Mumbai Lawyer – French/Indian JV dispute

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‘Top-notch mediator’ Bill Marsh at Independent Mediators uses ‘his gravitas, credibility and charm to persuade even the most difficult of parties to adopt a more conciliatory approach’. He employs his ‘even and relaxed style’ to ‘immediately gain the trust of the parties’. Clients also praise Marsh as ‘exceptionally well prepared’, ‘creative in finding solutions’ and able to ‘use his clear understanding of the legal issues to examine the strengths and weaknesses of each party’s argument’.

2015 – Top ranked

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2015 – One of the World’s top ten mediators.


Once again listed in the World’s top ten most highly regarded mediators, “Bill Marsh is once again recognised as one of the most highly nominated figures in our international research with contributors describing him as “a true leader in the field”. With experience in disputes involving parties from Europe, Russia, the Middle East, Asia, Africa, North America and Australasia, he is “highly sought after” for his expertise in multimillion-pound cases”.

2015 Who’s Who Legal

Who's Who Legal

2014 – “Global Mediator of the Year”


Bill Marsh received more recommendations than any other practitioner in our international research, with interviewees describing him as “fantastically skilled” and “a real thought leader in our profession”.  He has worked with governments, professional firms, and individuals and each have found him to be “calm, effective and impressive”.

2014 Who’s Who Legal