Bill Marsh “builds trust right from the start of the process, and is calm, professional, thorough, friendly and commercial – he is also extremely measured in his approach, while being direct with clients when required”.

2021 – top ranked

2019 – Top ranked

Rightly regarded as being at the top of the tree”, Bill Marsh at Independent Mediators has been involved full-time in mediation since 1991. He is “patient and willing to work really hard to discover the strengths and weaknesses in each argument presented by parties”. He is also “appreciated for being able to persuade disputants to come up with constructive solutions”. In 2016, Marsh received the Archbishop of Canterbury’s inaugural Hubert Walter Award for outstanding services to reconciliation, which recognises his commitment to conflict resolution at both national and international levels.

2016 – Top ranked

‘Top-notch mediator’ Bill Marsh at Independent Mediators uses ‘his gravitas, credibility and charm to persuade even the most difficult of parties to adopt a more conciliatory approach’. He employs his ‘even and relaxed style’ to ‘immediately gain the trust of the parties’. Clients also praise Marsh as ‘exceptionally well prepared’, ‘creative in finding solutions’ and able to ‘use his clear understanding of the legal issues to examine the strengths and weaknesses of each party’s argument’.

2015 – Top ranked

‘Charming, well-informed and easy to deal with’, Bill Marsh is ‘right at the top of his game’. He is ‘extremely patient and hardworking, but he pushes both sides’ positions very hard. He is a perfect example of how a talented mediator can overcome apparently insuperable obstacles’. Clients appreciate the fact that ‘he has a lighter touch than other mediators, but remains focused on the real issues in dispute and how the parties might compromise them’.

2014 – Top ranked

After becoming a full-time mediator in 1991, Bill Marsh of Independent Mediators has established himself as one of the leading names in the market. The past year has seen a particular emphasis on international disputes, with claims involving a broad spread of countries including several West African and Balkan states. Highlights included a transatlantic pharmaceutical claim worth around £1bn.

2013 – Top ranked

Bill Marsh of Independent Mediators is considered “one of the best” in the market, and his practice has a very strong international dimension. He has been involved in full-time mediation since 1991, and the high value and complexity of some of the disputes he is asked to mediate is reflective of his reputation in the market.

2012 – Top ranked

Seen as something of a mediation pioneer, Bill Marsh of Independent Mediators is widely considered to be one of the most accomplished “top-rank” mediators in the market. Since going into full-time mediation in 1991, Marsh has been involved in a number of mediations that have been in the public domain, including the dispute between Dame Shirley Porter and Westminster City Council, and also the disputed takeover of Brighton & Hove Albion FC. As well as domestic mediations he is also involved in numerous major international cases, including a recent £1bn transatlantic pharmaceuticals dispute.

2011 – Top ranked

A highly experienced mediator, credited with “an easy manner” and “a facilitative approach”. Clients find that he is “well prepared”, and able to tackle “even the most arcane of pensions disputes”. Stylewise, Marsh is a facilitator who resists “imposing himself” on proceedings, but shows “absolute commitment” to getting a deal.

2010 – Top ranked

Described as “experienced, personable, and well prepared”, he is an “excellent shuttle diplomat”. He swiftly “generates an atmosphere of trust” and “puts a lot of effort into listening”. He remains “calm and in control in a crisis”, and is “able to identify and deal with the real points in contention to defuse the most acrimonious disputes.

2009 – Top ranked

Bill Marsh of Independent Mediators is “a superb mediator”: he has “obvious intelligence” and an ability to remain “calm and in control in a crisis”. Clients applaud his ability to “identify and deal with the real points in contention and to defuse them”, “helping the parties explore where a settlement might be achieved and putting the technical or emotional baggage aside”. In short, he “brings a practicality to a problem and creates an atmosphere where clients trust him implicitly”.

2008 – Top ranked

Bill Marsh is “a natural”. He combines an “assured reading of the law” with “robustness” and “commercial flair”. An amiable and engaging personality allows him to push parties without alienating them; lawyers praise his ability to sustain dialogue, “bring people together” and challenge parties without embarrassing them.

2007 – Top ranked

Bill Marsh… “wins plaudits from clients in many sectors. Clients are keen to recommend him.”

2006 – Top ranked

“Strongly recommended for major commercial mediations.”

2004 – Top ranked