2016 – One of the world’s top mediators, and the UK’s top five.

Bill Marsh is a “highly experienced mediator who demonstrates patience and tact” when dealing with international governments, businesses, organisations and individuals. He is widely recognised for his “aptitude for combining sensitivity with the requisite degree of firmness”.

2015 – One of the World’s top ten mediators.

Once again listed in the World’s top ten most highly regarded mediators, “Bill Marsh is once again recognised as one of the most highly nominated figures in our international research with contributors describing him as “a true leader in the field”. With experience in disputes involving parties from Europe, Russia, the Middle East, Asia, Africa, North America and Australasia, he is “highly sought after” for his expertise in multimillion-pound cases”.

2014 – “Global Mediator of the Year”

Bill Marsh received more recommendations than any other practitioner in our international research, with interviewees describing him as “fantastically skilled” and “a real thought leader in our profession”.  He has worked with governments, professional firms, and individuals and each have found him to be “calm, effective and impressive”.

2013 – One of the World’s top ten mediators.

Bill Marsh receives high praise from peers with many proclaiming his “tremendous style”. He is described as “one of the best mediators in the UK”.

2012 – One of the World’s top ten mediators.