2022 – Top ranked

Bill Marsh is highly recommended by market commentators, who praise his ability to build rapport with the parties and single out his “understanding of the technical nuances” of commercial disputes. He focuses on international cases, acting on a variety of commercial contract disputes involving parties from Europe, Asia, the Middle East and the USA.

2015 – Top ranked

Commentators speak at length about the talented Bill Marsh. Interviewees say he is “very effective at bringing the parties together”. In the experience of one interviewee, “he was creative, calm and confident in that he can see a path through the trees in a hard-fought dispute”.

2014 – Top ranked

Bill Marsh “delivers a winning formula with great aplomb.” Instructing solicitors describe him as “tireless in looking for the angle which unlocks a dispute. He is a real gentleman,” who has “empathy with clients and a real ability to understand where they are coming from.” This has earned him a track record of resolving a broad range of contractual, company, IT, IP and commercial fraud disputes, both domestically and internationally.

2013 – Top ranked

Marsh has an excellent mediation practice, both domestically and internationally. Sources endorse his “affable” style, noting that he is “keen and willing to broker a deal, all the while ensuring neither party feels forced.”

2012 – Top ranked

Marsh remains “right at the top of the tree” for mediation…“He is subtle, intelligent, approachable and always extremely focussed on the issues in hand”.

2011 – Top ranked

The international dimension of Marsh’s practice has expanded, having undertaken more transatlantic and pan-European mediations, including a substantial claim exceeding USD1 billion. His calm, patient approach means he is “terrific at standing back and analysing every angle,” and clients commend his “ability to conjure up alternative and practical solutions.”

2010 – Top ranked

Marsh is renowned as a leading commercial mediator…Marsh’s tenacity is something that marks him out as a top mediator among clients: “He is not only a very fine mediator but also someone who will work and work and work until the job’s done – when other people would give up, he still keeps at it and is usually successful.”

2009 – Top ranked

“Patience, flexibility and persuasiveness” are three attributes that confirm Marsh’s position in the upper echelons of the UK mediation hierarchy… [he] is known for “doing remarkable things with extremely tough cases.”

2008 – Top ranked

Marsh is recommended as a full-time “first-rate” mediator. He receives acclaim from peers and clients who describe his “fluid style” in commercial disputes. They accrue particular benefit from his “willingness to challenge parties”. Marsh mediates between shareholders and handles a large number of civil fraud cases. IP forms a growing part of his practice and he is known “to get results” in this area”.

2007 – Top ranked

An extremely clever and engaging mediator, who builds up a good rapport with the parties, while demonstrating sound commercial knowledge… Clients unanimously acknowledge him as a ‘persuasive facilitator of a settlement’.

2006 – Top ranked

“Compassionate and wise”, “Straightforward and commercial”

2005 – Top ranked

“One of the greats”, “Charming, sensible and realistic”, “An experienced player known for his ‘great and gentle’ style”, “Knows how to deal with the non-legal issues as well”, “Rated for his excellent reality-testing and risk analysis”, “Clients are particularly impressed by his ability to handle high emotions”.

2004 – Top ranked