“Bill was excellent. His approach was a breath of fresh air – very commercial.   His energy, creativity and diplomacy were well received and I would have no hesitation in instructing him again.”

Client, Anglo-Chinese dispute

“It was the first multi-party mediation I had been involved in and it was a very complex one…In my mind the way you set the tone and conducted yourself in your interactions with the parties was a major factor in reaching a settlement on the day (night!) and for that we are very grateful”.

Client, multi-party pensions dispute

“Frankly, I being the lawyer for one of the parties had very limited hope [of success] for the entire mediation process. However, the moment Bill Marsh made his entry in the matter as a mediator the entire landscape of the matter changed.


…He had patience, tact, fairness, strength and efficiency…


I would highly recommend Bill Marsh to my future clients for the settlement of commercial disputes and working with Bill Marsh has changed my whole perception about the process of mediation and I would in future try my best to persuade my clients to choose mediation before initiating the legal proceeding for any commercial disputes.”

Mumbai Lawyer – French/Indian JV dispute

“Our clients [a major corporation] were very impressed and believe me [they] are very hard to please! They commented on a number of occasions just how good they thought you were.”

Lawyer, multi-million pound international defence contract dispute

“My sincere thanks to Bill Marsh for the excellent role that he performed last week in helping the parties to reach a settlement. I really thought that Bill was first class, measured in his approach and immediately gained the trust and confidence of my client. He will be top of my list for future mediations and I will giving this feedback to my colleagues at [international law firm]”

Lawyer, multi-million pound negligence claim

“Your tenacity was much appreciated and was a major contributor to us resolving the matter.”

Lawyer, shareholders action

“I am in no doubt that your input, ideas and energy helped to keep the parties talking throughout a difficult and challenging day (and evening, and night!). We will certainly look for an opportunity to work with you again as a mediator.”

Lawyer, world-wide trademark infringement dispute

“[Our client] is very pleased to have settled the claim and most impressed with your help in achieving that.”

Lawyer, professional negligence/banking claim

“I do not believe that the settlement would have been achieved without your skilful, persistent and patient intervention.”

Lawyer, 6 party pension fund dispute

“Thank you for all your efforts in bringing this matter to a satisfactory conclusion from both sides point of view. It was something of an unusual case which, without your skill and judgment, had the potential to go horribly wrong…my clients have specifically asked me to thank you.”

Lawyer, international banking claim

“I left [the mediation] admiring both your skill and fortitude.”

Counsel, Share option dispute

“Thank you for your skilful handling of the mediation and for your success in guiding the parties to an entente cordiale.”

Paris-based lawyer, international multi-million pound IT dispute

“…write to say how impressed I was by your mediation skills…From being somewhat sceptical about the mediation process, I have become a convert and will be recommending you to my colleagues.”

Counsel, share option and employment dispute

“Very pleased with Bill Marsh. He had a strong ability to keep things moving, and always kept calm in the face of strong-minded parties on either side. This did not appear to phase him and he kept things moving along at a good pace.”

Lawyer, multi-million pound credit-trading dispute

“Most of the credit for the settlement must go to you for your skilful handling of the parties.

Thank you for your patience and perseverance…I am certain that we would not have got there without your very significant contribution.”

Lawyers, US$53 million international fraud claim

“The negotiation phase was when he really got into his own… and was most effective.”

“Bill was brilliant.”

Lawyers, multi-party, multi-million pound acquisition warranty dispute

“…Very good… patient…”

“…extremely impressed…(and) now a bit of a mediation convert… having been (before the mediation) a bit sceptical about how effective it would be in a civil fraud case…”

“…Thought Bill Marsh was excellent – he had a very hard job to do, dealt with everyone very fairly, took time to go through everything with them and was very thorough…”

“…glowing reports of the mediator…”

“…Thought Bill was excellent and did a good job.”

Parties and lawyers, 9 party commercial fraud case

“…expressing my appreciation for the way in which you conducted the mediation. It really was remarkable how such a bitter dispute was resolved in such a satisfactory way.”

Lawyer, shareholder dispute

“…Bill was excellent. I have seen him mediate before and was impressed again. He has an excellent touch, firm, calm, courteous and trustworthy. He has a great combination of elements and controls the day with ease. I will use him again.”

In-house counsel, re-insurance dispute

“Thank you for your extremely hard work yesterday in resolving the financial obstacle between the parties at the mediation.”

Lawyer, UK commercial fraud claim

“…Thought that Bill was great… fantastically on top of the documentation…He understood the human issues on the claimant’s side and was very sensitive. Understood financial aspects, as well as legal aspects.”

Lawyer, largest medical negligence claim in UK history

“It was a pleasure to work with you.”

Lawyer, European motor racing dispute